A long, but interesting road ahead.

The journey begins

Oh, hello there! You finally somehow ended up being in my corner of the world wide web right now. What can you expect here? Well, a lot of things. Or maybe not that many… depends on your expectations. Basically this is my blog about (big part) project management and (smaller part) development. I do indeed strive after evening out this imbalances but I can’t promise it yet.

So again – what is it all about? Since I’m working as project manager and being a hobby-like developer I will post from time to time interesting ideas or summarizations of books, so the main idea of this blog is – if you are a beginning PM you could just read through every post from the very beginning and at the end be an already advanced PM.

But why should anyone read all or any of your posts if he/she could could just buy the books? Well, first of all – books are not for free, my blog is. Second, even using a strong filter like colleagues with years of experience you can end up reading some real crap. Third, you can use my posts just as a kind of appetizer – if you liked it, feel free to buy and read the book. Fourth – maybe you’ll find some coding stuff interesting too.

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Hello! My name is Anton. I am a passionate project manager who loves digging deep into code. You can check my Github and CodeEval. Hopefully my thoughts on management can lead you to one or another good idea.