YCMS – first development friendly CMS on Ruby on Rails

Always wanted to bootstrap your application really fast, but considering ActiveAdmin or RailsAdmin was a pain because of their limited flexibility? Now, with YCMS you don’t need to worry anymore. This CMS is as simple as it could ever be. No mountable Engines, not gems, simply git clone this application, rename your databases and you are set up and ready to go. My ruby on rails cms is customizable just as every normal app you would write from scratch. There is no hidden DSL, special methods or other stuff. You need a new model, you simply add it as you would to your own application.


  • Already included models for: posts, pages, page/post-categories, users
  • User management via Devise gem
  • Base settings available
  • Assets, views, controllers are split up into front and admin part.
  • Heavily DRY – all common CRUD methods are managed via a controller concern. There is only one form for each model, still perfectly clear and manageable via partials
  • Supported internationalization from the box
  • Controller, model and feature tests.
  • For I18n tests I am using i18n-task gem
  • Human readable routes

Please check it out on GitHub – https://github.com/mohnstrudel/ycms

Fork, contribute, enjoy!