Eve-trader.net – the new source for EVE Online productioneers

Greetings, capsuleers!

Few days ago I launched my long time dreamed project – eve-trader.net (http://eve-trader.net). This services is intended to be a lightweight alternative to updating your excel sheets daily with current prices (most likely you will get them from eve-central.com). Via the eve-central.com API I fetch the prices on requested blueprints, calculate for you the cheapest material prices and suggest where you can sell the end product most expensive.

Settings and assumptions as of today:

  • Areas considered for calculation are all solar systems within 5 jumps around the five main trade hubs (which currently are – Jita, Amarr, Rens, Dodixie, Hek) and which are high sec
  • All skills are lvl 5 (which you probably should have if you considering make money with industry)
  • No fees and taxes are calculated (if they are hindering you to make profit you are producing the wrong thing)

The service is in it’s early stage, so be prepared to encounter some changes in near future. What is planned:

  • Having at least a few options available in an „expert“ menu
  • News section
  • Implement user accounts where user can save their blueprints, thus, having a faster access to their favourite blueprints
  • Having a history saved for each blueprint.
  • A suggestions feature, where users can suggest new things and other users can vote on them.
  • Making market predictions based on Monte-Carlo-Simulation or Expected Shortfall methods.