AbsoluteAdmin vs. method: :delete

Hey folks, I recently stumbled upon an issue, which caused my destroy links to malfunction. It’s bundled to using AbsoluteAdmin (http://admindesigns.com/demos/absolute/1.1/index.html). I’ve separated everything in my project into two folders – admin and front (for admin part I’m using AbsoluteAdmin and for the front part another theme). This is my loading order for admin.js (assets/javascripts/admin) :

//= require_tree ../../../vendor/assets/javascripts/admin/plugins/moment/.

//= require jquery
//= require jquery_ujs

//= require_tree ../../../vendor/assets/javascripts/admin/jquery_ui/.
//= require_tree ../../../vendor/assets/javascripts/admin/plugins/.
//= require_tree ../../../vendor/assets/javascripts/admin/daterange/.
//= require_tree ../../../vendor/assets/javascripts/admin/utility/.

//= require_tree ../../../vendor/assets/javascripts/admin/demo/.

//= require admin/main

//= require_self
//= require_tree ../../../app/assets/javascripts/admin/.

//= require turbolinks

I’ve spent a lot of time figuring out how to make all of those JS from AbsoluteAdmin work, thus, I think, this exact order is important. However, admin/main (which is located at vendor/javascripts/admin/main.js) apparently breaks UJS. After a bit of detective work there was only one candidate for this behavior – the function ‚runHeader();‘

return {
      init: function(options) {

         // Set Default Options
         var defaults = {
            sbl: "sb-l-o", // sidebar left open onload 
            sbr: "sb-r-c", // sidebar right closed onload
            sbState: "save", //Enable localstorage for sidebar states

            collapse: "sb-l-m", // sidebar left collapse style
            siblingRope: true
            // Setting this true will reopen the left sidebar
            // when the right sidebar is closed

         // Extend Default Options.
         var options = $.extend({}, defaults, options);

         // Call Core Functions
         // As of 28/08/2016 runHeader causes jquery_ujs to break
         // runHeader();


As you can see, I commented it already out (line 22 in the snippet and line 720 in the actual file) and now everything works as expected!