Project Showcase: Uzhin Doma

I am happy to announce, that my first „serious“ project for an already established project finally been released. It is a Russian service for food ingredients delivery, ‚Uzhin Doma‘ (roughly translated as dinner at home). You don’t receive a precooked meal, but rather a list of ingredients, exactly measured for each dish and you can cook it yourself.

So, basically, you save time twice – you don’t need to buy ingredients yourself and you don’t have to think about what to cook every day. You just lean back, relax, follow the instructions and receive an extraordinary result.

What about Rails?

Enough small talk, let’s get down to business. Some of this project’s interesting features are:

  • custom design (thanks to @bender)
  • custom front-end (thanks to @antiquar)
  • full integration with Russian CRM Bitrix
  • delayed_job integration
  • SMS verification upon login (everything via AJAX)
  • checking for a valid promo code on creating a new order
  • a lot of AJAX overall 🙂
  • Cloudpayments integration for credit card processing

Bitrix API Integration

Since this is a heavy topic, I decided to dedicate a complete description to it. Integration with Bitrix provides few things:

  • searching for user based on phone number
  • if user is found, a new deal is created
  • if no user is found, a new lead is created
  • to each deal/lead are added bitrix-internal products which are based on site’s internal products
  • if credit card is processed correctly, Bitrix is updated accordingly
  • on profile page all old orders from Bitrix are wired up (once. After that we only query the internal page’s orders to reduce the load)

Enjoy the screenshots:

Select your dinner options there

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