Deploying your Rails app on a VDS

Recently I finally finished development of my very first serious app, which was ready to be deployed on a production machine. This, however, turned out to be trickier than anticipated. I’ve read myself into various tutorials, decided to spin up a droplet on digitalocean with preinstalled Unicorn + Nginx bundle. While this droplet works well with the initial app I had a hard time trying to make

a) multiple sites work

b) any site but the default work

I surely don’t want to assume that unicorn is somewhat hard to handle, it may have been just me, who is unable to accomplish such a task. On the other hand I found that using puma instead of unicorn is far more profitable.

I grabbed this outstanding tutorial – and was able to get the whole app running on production within few hours.

Don’t forget to install ImageMagick sudo apt-get install imagemagick if you suddenly discover, that there are no image uploads on production. Check out this article too –

This is important because there might be no errors at all and it did cost me a lot of time to figure that out on my own.

My last advise – check out how to create a memory swap because that’s one of the first issues I ran into while deploying my application (I’m using the 5$ droplets with 512 MB RAM for all my projects).

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