More than just salary - Is your company a church?

The Church

Well, while I’m still working on Software Development Edge I wanted to share a short one with you. Not long time ago I participated in a lecture, hold by a so-called business trainer. I don’t like them, honestly – most what they say is so general like a fortune from a fortune teller. However this man – Konstantin Harksy proposed a statement that made me think. Deeply.

What he said is basically following – can we get more than just salary?

There are three types of companies – Circus, Theatre and Church.

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While in the first one you are the animal – you just go there, day after day, perform your tricks, get your meat. This is comparable to doing a job and receiving „just“ a salary. There is nothing else.


In other words – it’s a regular job, mostly a continuous one, repetitive, one that you probably don’t enjoy. To overcompensate it (because there is always demand and supply), you have to pay a lot money, because that’s the only good you can offer your employees.

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In the theatre you can play a role. Not only you get your salary, but you can outlive something that is maybe hidden inside you.


Now it starts to getting interested. Applied to a real world situation this can be a company offering few little projects, giving you an opportunity to participate in something – not big, but something more meaningful. People are willing to accept less money, because they think, that those roles are helping them more, to be happy, than the increased salary in first case.

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In the church all roles of a theatre become just one role. These are sorts of companies where you almost forget about salary. You are persuaded and almost infected by the – one – main idea.


Ultimate goal for every company’s CEO. A lot of people would even work for free. See Apple or Facebook for example.

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